Our Team

Cindy Yee

Principal Pilates Teacher


Cindy is an energetic teacher with a strong anatomic background in Pilates and Movement. With a decade of experiences under her belt, and working with countless of people, she is constantly equipping herself with the latest techniques in the field of movement and rehabilitation.

Her teaching style is based on education and precise execution of exercises to bring about optimum results for her clients. She firmly believe that through education of movement is the golden key in laying a solid foundation to lead a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Her youngest client is 4 years old and her oldest client is 80 years old.


Certified Personal Trainer, American Council on Excercise (ACE)
Qualified Fletcher Pilates Teacher (The Comprehensive Program)
Certification of Completion in Anatomy in Three Dimensions™ by Balanced Body
Certification of Completion in Movement Anatomy I by Biomechanics by Pilates Body Science
Yoga Certification 200 Hours in India, Rishikesh
Certification of Completion in Strength and Mobility by Body Tree Academy
Certification of Achievement in The Chapman’s Reflexes Level 1 Course, Australia
Certification of Course Completion in the Movement Strategies for Therapeutic Pilates by Elizabeth Larkam
Certification of Attendance in Myofascial Release Techniques for Thorax & Lumbo-Pelvic & Hip Region by Advanced Manual Therapy Associates Pty Ltd (AMTA), Australia
Gyrotonic Pre-Training Course by The Moving Body

Ju Ng

Pilates Teacher and Sport Massage Therapist


Ju is a strong believer that “Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.” As quoted by Joseph H. Pilates.
Despite being a sportswoman since young, Ju has suffered from severe migraines due to years of “abusing” her body, putting them through hard trainings (ultra-trail runner). It was then her chiropractor introduced Pilates to her for functional training to balance her body.

After just a few months into Pilates, her migraine has reduced significantly. Her body awareness is better, posture, balance and overall strength has improved.
Initially approached as rehabilitation and injury prevention, it soon enabled her to find deeper connection, strength and flexibility, within her own body.

With this new found passion, Ju wanted to assist and enable others to cultivate their own body awareness like she did. She then went on to be Certified as a Comprehensive Pilates Teacher with Polestar for the next 2 years. As they said, the rest is history.


Diploma in Holistic Massage (ITEC, UK)
Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy (ITEC, UK)
Certified in Comprehensive Studio Pilates (Polestar Pilates, USA)
Certified Fitness Instructor (FEA – Malaysia)

Angie Tan

Massage Therapist


Angie is a certified massage therapist who delivers massage for 20 years both in aboard and Singapore. She is passionate about wellness and believes that massage therapy contributes to the well-being of the individual. Over the years, Angie equipped herself in the proficiency of massage technique such as flowing strokes, deep stretches and tension releases. Many of her clients have improved in their flexibility, experience less tightness or pain in their bodies and feeling relaxed and happy in both mind and body.


Certified in Holistic Massage
Certified in Trigger Point Massage